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To make CISRR a reality, we need a couple of things…


  • A repository. We’re currently using AirTable to prototype CISRR, but we’re open to the idea that it may end up being run on something else - or its own thing - over time. Expertise in repositories and archiving would be exceedingly helpful.
  • Financial donations. Every little bit helps. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity, so your contributions are tax deductable.


  • We need people who can help find, obtain, and upload research and relevant content, and augment that content with metadata. This is some serious grunt work, but like actual grunts, critical to success.
  • We need practitioners who know their stuff to help create summaries of content; both where there are none, and when the formal abstract is in language that is…inaccessible or downright obtuse.
  • Based on demand, we may need people who can go a step beyond a short summary and create a CliffsNotes-type product - “Blinkist for Security” - or maybe some format we haven’t thought of yet but that people will find useful.
  • Librarians or Library Science students. No one appreciates the skills of a librarian until search comes up short and they need to know how to really, effectively, find something.
  • Editors. Hey, we can all read and write, we’re just not that gud at et.


We need your input about what would make CISRR a useful resource. We have our ideas, but we’re one voice out of tens of thousands.

If you have any of the skills listed above, especially enthusiastic amateurs, feel that you can contribute to the cause in some other fashion, contact us.