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Computer & Information Security Research Repository

a Gamayun Project

Do you know what the state of the art is in any security discipline? You know what you know, and what your friends and colleagues know, but before you start a new research project do you do a literature review? That’s a thing academics do to understand what’s been done before. It helps ensure that what they end up doing is either novel, or something that builds on the work of others in a meaningful fashion. Do you know how many people in all the universities or corporations (or home labs) in all the world are working on the same problem you are? Have you read all their papers? Do you actually read every abstract or summary of every entry on all 117 pages of your Google foo results? Have you gone to the library to look for work that hasn’t been digitized yet? Have you gone to every security conference everywhere in the world (something like 2000 - annually - and counting) to keep abreast of the latest developments?

“Of course not! Don’t be ridiculous! That’s an impossible task!

Well, it’s impossible now. One of the goals of CISRR is to make it entirely possible. If we’re successful, CISRR should, among other things:

  • Be the largest single repository of security research in the world.
  • Enable anyone to understand the state of the art in any discipline, know the prior art, and determine what work needs to be done.
  • Augment repository content with metadata and other content to help make it more discoverable and understandable.
  • Enable us to better understand the make-up of the research community.
  • Make it possible to for researchers, solution developers, investors, and others to more effectively consume larger quantities of pertinent research.
  • Make it easier for researchers around the world to find each other and collaborate.
  • Ensure that researchers get their work distributed as widely as possible so that it can be put to effective use.

What CISRR is Not

  • We are not gatekeeping. Anyone who wants to get into security in general and security research in particular should be encouraged to do so and given all the support possible. This is not about where you went to school or how you learned your trade or where you come from. It is about ensuring that those who want to learn have access to knowledge, appreciate what’s been done, and understand what needs doing.

  • We are not Sci-Hub. While we understand the motivation for such an effort, we will work within existing legal regimes to gain the appropriate permissions and rights to use and augment the work of researchers whether they are in academia, industry, or independent.

  • We are not We wish we’d been first, but we’re grateful for the lessons learned. CISRR is a project of the Gamayun Corp., an IRS 501(c)(3) public charity. There is no VC money behind this project (and the corresponding expectations). At this point we rely on volunteers and donations.


Starting anything new and sufficiently different is a scary and challenging experience. No one can do it alone and stay healthy (or sane). To succeed, CISRR needs help from a wide variety of people: researchers, engineers, librarians, editors, security practitioners, and of course donors. If you’re interested in lending a hand, and getting in on the ground floor, please drop a line to Contribute.