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Computer & Information Security Research Repository


To make Gamayun & CISRR a reality, we need a couple of things:


  • A repository. We're starting with DSpace, but we're open to other ideas. The skills required to make modifications that suit our needs is key.
  • A taxonomy.
  • All of this has to be hosted somewhere, and someone has to handle the necessary care and feeding.


  • We need practitioners who know their stuff to help create abstracts or summaries of content where there are none. This is less an issue for formal papers as it is some indy researcher's desktop video or slide notes.
  • Based on demand, we may need people who can go a step beyond a short summary and create a CliffsNotes-type product, or maybe some format we haven't thought of yet but that people will find useful.
  • We also need practitioners who are willing to tag and add other metadata to content that may lack it, or if what it has is found lacking.
  • Archivists and/or Academic Repository Admins. Familiarity with DSpace a huge plus.
  • Librarians or Library Science students. No one appreciates the skills of a librarian until search comes up short and they need to know how to really, effectively, find something.
  • Editors. Hey, we can all read and write, we're just not that gud at et.

Most Importantly

  • We need content, and the necessary permissions from the copyright holder(s) to use their content in furtherance of Gamayun goals.

It goes without saying that we'll need legal, administrative, marketing, and management support to glue all of the aforementioned bits - and then some - together.

If you're familiar with the necessary technologies, or have the requisite skills to help with the 'soft' work required to make this all happen, we'd love to hear from you.

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